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Editor’s Note: Are we ready? Or not….

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Editor’s Note

It’s impossible to keep up with the news surrounding autonomous vehicles.

Every day a new trial launches from a traditional auto manufacturer or a tech company like Uber or Waymo. The corporate and technological momentum contributes to an air of inevitability. It seems that it’s not a matter of if we’ll have fully autonomous shared and personal cars, but when and what they’ll look like.

What’s generally missing from the conversation is a discussion of the human aspect. Is this a future we want? Are we ready for it? What will we give up, and will we give it up easily or will the steering wheel have to be pried from our cold, dead hands?

These are the topics we’ll discuss in this mobility-focused issue of What the Future, a quarterly series looking at trends in the four main consumer-spending categories. Our first issue focused on housing. In coming months, we will examine food and heath.

To get at the human side of transportation, we asked several smart people in the space about the Big Questions they’re asking themselves when they think about the near-ish future. Then Ipsos asked those questions of more than 3,000 people in the U.S. and Canada and thousands more around the globe to get at the answers.

The final question is again up to you: What should you and your team be asking when you think What the Future?

March 28, 2018

Matt-CarmichaelMatt Carmichael is the editor of GenPop, a magazine produced by Ipsos where he serves as the Director of Editorial Strategy in North America.