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December 4, 2018

How will our food preparations change?

Kevin Neilsen// WTF FOOD

Does our food come to us, do we go out, or do we cook at home?

These are big questions with broad implications. Ipsos asked people to predict the short-term future to see how things might change for themselves. The global results are in the spread on pages 18 and 19.

In the U.S., younger Americans think, to Rick Bayless’ point, that they’re likely to cook as many (48%) ormore (39%) meals at home than they do now. They’re also the most likely age group to say they’ll increase the number of meals and groceries they get delivered, and to eat out more. The future can be summed up in one word: choice.

Kevin Neilsen

Kevin Nielsen is a client officer with the Ipsos client organization. He primarily partners with clients in the FMCG space to unlock new insights about people, markets, brands, and society.


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