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December 4, 2018

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the fourth installment of our What the Future series.

Matt Carmichael // WTF FOOD

Over the past year, we have talked about the trends impacting changes to three of the top areas of consumer spending: housing, transportation and health care. This issue is focused on a fourth key sector: food. Specifically, we have conversations with the difference-makers about how our food gets to us, where that food comes from today and will come from tomorrow. The answers to these seemingly straightforward questions are in a surprising amount of flux.

As part of those discussions, we have asked thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of citizens from around the globe about the role of food in their lives and how that is changing. All of that exclusive data is presented here for the first time as well as other explorations from Ipsos into packaging, food culture, delivery, convenience and the ever-evolving tools and methods we use to understand the human aspects of these areas.

But we start, as we should, with a look at the role food plays in nurturing our families, our society and our culture as well as filling our bellies.

So head to your pantry and grab a snack. Snag a drink, get a coaster and put your feet up and enjoy this issue of What the Future.

Matt Carmichael is the editor of GenPop, a magazine produced by Ipsos where he serves as the vice president of Editorial Strategy in North America.


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