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What even is a vice anymore? This issue of WTF, backed by a global survey, explores the changing morality of “vices.” Will consumer interest be enough to fuel the projected growth in industries like cannabis?


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What even is vice anymore?

by // April 17, 2019

The point, of course, is that our definitions of “vice” are continually shifting. Many of the topics covered in this issue were “vices” 100 years ago. Or 30. Or even five. Today those stigmas are dissolving. As societal norms and behavioral expectations evolve, what were once considered morally bankrupt behaviors are now gaining increasing acceptance. read more »

What changes as cannabis becomes legal in more places?

by // April 17, 2019

William Weld is the former governor of Massachusetts, the 2016 vice presidential nominee on the libertarian ticket and a potential GOP presidential candidate.He was also a Department of Justice official tasked with overseeing Drug Enforcement Agency prosecutions during the “Just say no” Reagan years. Which seemingly makes him an odd choice for the board of directors of Acreage Holdings, a cannabis-focused investment firm. In that role he joins some strange bedfellows; former Speaker of the U.S. House John Boehner and former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney—two deeply conservative politicians. (We’ll talk about them a bit later.) When Gov. Weld thinks What the Future he’s wondering how the legal landscape for cannabis will shape up. read more »

Why wouldn’t people use cannabis?

by // April 17, 2019

Bruce Linton doesn’t understand people who use gummies in Canada. Edibles are unregulated, illegal or both, so dosages can be a mystery. “It’s like, ‘Hey buddy, just eat this, and it may or may not completely [mess] you up for somewhere between zero minutes and four hours.’ You wouldn’t do that!” He likens using gummies to buying street meats—you never know if you’ll get a good meal, or botulism. read more »

Will a new ‘vice’ disrupt one of the oldest?

by // April 17, 2019

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is showing that throwing open the doors doesn’t mean there will be a sudden stampede to get in. Ipsos’ Alcohol Consumption Tracker (ACT) and Cannabis Consumption Tracker (CCT) studies show that attitudes and behaviors regarding cannabis are slow to shift after legalization. read more »

Can cannabis dining make Americans just say yes?

by // April 17, 2019

Andrea Drummer is one of America’s leading chefs who cook with cannabis. The founder of a catering business in Los Angeles called Elevation VIP Cooperative, Drummer will soon open one of the nation’s first legalized cannabis consumption lounges. When Drummer thinks What the Future, she wonders what it will take for people to re-evaluate the negative bias against cannabis and embrace it as a food ingredient. read more »

What does innovation look like in an age-old industry

by // April 17, 2019

There is a fair amount of historical evidence that suggests growing grains to produce beer is the reason humans morphed from hunter-gatherers to an agriculture-based society. Yet in the past 20 to 30 years, there’s been an incredible efflorescence. What does innovation look like in an industry that is as old as civilization itself? read more »

Will CBD be cannabis’ biggest high?

by // April 17, 2019

The popularity of and public interest in CBD has spurred significant innovation and product development efforts across an eclectic grouping of product categories. From bath bombs to pet food – everyone wants a piece of the pie. While there is an inevitable learning curve for consumers, since certain forms are still illegal in many states, there is already marked consumer interest in these products. read more »

What are the odds that sports wagers will be bigger business

by // April 17, 2019

Sports betting, traditionally a Las Vegas-controlled industry, is inching closer to being legal, one state at a time. Jay Kornegay, who already runs the largest sports wagering facility in the world, Westgate SuperBook, is thinking about expansion. When he thinks What the Future, he wonders what people are willing to bet on, and how mobile will impact that. There’s a lot of blue sky in betting – as long as people get over the stigma and misconceptions. Here’s what has him feeling optimistic. read more »

Betting that if it’s built, they will come

by // April 17, 2019

Ipsos research shows that barriers exist for the adoption of online betting, the modern vehicle to place a sports bet today. This syndicated research that measures attitudes and usage in the U.S. and Canada highlights that trust in online gambling sites is very low – not a surprise, given that the average Canadian has access to only one legal and regulated online gambling website. Financial concerns are a factor as well, which is consistent with any form of gambling. Ipsos looked at how barriers to online play differed across generations. Younger generations, for example, were much more likely to reject gambling in general or, alternatively, not know where to start. read more »

What is the future of secrets?

by // April 17, 2019

One of the themes of this issue is how many so-called vices are becoming more accepted. But there are still some vices, even legal ones, that carry a stigma, meaning we tend to keep some vices secret. And of course there are other corporate and personal secrets we keep for ourselves and others. But are secrets even possible in today’s digital age? read more »

On The Fringe with Amy Webb: Vice

by // April 17, 2019

We pride ourselves on burning the midnight oil: working long hours, getting little sleep and optimizing our daily routines for maximum output. As it turns out, productivity is a vice, and we’re all addicted to getting stuff done. (Or at least feeling like we are.) WTF asked quantitative futurist Amy Webb to give us some ideas of things to watch. read more »

What even is a vice anymore? This issue of WTF, backed by a global survey, explores the changing morality of “vices.” Will consumer interest be enough to fuel the projected growth in industries like cannabis? Read WTF: Vice »

Highlights from Ipsos’ June 2019 WTF Live exclusive event featuring new Ipsos global research exploring the Future of Vices. Watch the highlights ».

What the Future is a quarterly deep dive into different aspects of consumer and social thought and behavior. Each edition features exclusive new data from world-leading research firm Ipsos. WTF explores how a single industry or behavior fits into the broader culture now and in the coming decades. Read Previous WTF Issues »

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