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Spring 2018


Editor’s Note

by // March 28, 2018

To get at the human side of transportation, we asked several smart people in the space about the Big Questions they’re asking themselves when they think about the near-ish future. Then Ipsos asked those questions of more than 3,000 people in the U.S. and Canada and thousands more around the globe to get at the answers. read more »

Ready to let go of the wheel?

by // March 28, 2018

Percentage of respondents agreeing with the statement: “I am in favor of self-driving cars and I can’t wait to use them.” Source: Ipsos Global @dvisor survey conducted between November 27 and December 8, 2017 among 21,549 adults in 28 nations continue »

Are we headed for a car-culture war?

by // March 28, 2018

Futurists and technologists promote a vision of the autonomous future that is shiny and bright. While that vision might come to pass, there’s a reality that it overlooks. We are a divided, tribal and political people. There are no signs of middle ground on issues spanning from abortion to education to gun control. So why… continue »

What exactly will Autonomous Vehicles Replace?

by // March 28, 2018

Peugeot isn’t coming back with a huge network of dealers and a full line of cars. It’s coming back as a “mobility partner” starting with an app called Free2Move that lets users access multiple ride-sharing, car-sharing and even bike-sharing providers in one place. It’s live in 10 countries, up and running in Seattle and expanding deeper into the U.S. this year. Actual car sales will follow. But as ownership models shift, Peugeot is in an unusual position for a legacy car manufacturer. When Dominique thinks What the Future, he’s wondering what it will take to get people to give up owning a car. read more »

If you build it cheaply, will they come?

by // March 28, 2018

Matt Sweeney was one of the first employees at Uber’s Advanced Technology Center and helped build the company’s autonomous division, which now numbers in the thousands of employees. It’s fair to  say he’s been watching this space closely and given it more thought than most. When he asks What the Future, he’s wondering when autonomous vehicles will take over, especially in ride-sharing. Specifically, how much of a factor will price be in that adoption? read more »

Automated vehicle time usage

by // March 28, 2018

The average American spends 52 minutes a day commuting, mostly by driving a car by themselves. Tack on errands, school drop-offs, and all the other driving we do and it adds up to a significant part of our waking day in transit. Imagine, then, having a car that drives itself. Those who commute by public… continue »

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