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Fall 2018

Rethinking sweet

by // December 4, 2018

Slightly more than half of Americans say they consume more sugar than the recommended limit, according to the Ipsos Global Trends report. The Canadian Food Service Monitor study by Ipsos showed that reducing sugar is a top concern for diners who are generally trying to reduce processed and unhealthy ingredients and replace them with more natural choices. But people do still like their sweets. So how can brands lower sugar content without alienating consumers or forcing them to change their behaviors to benefit from less sugar? Should companies go stealth when tweaking their formulas or be up front about it? read more »

Who needs cows (or chickens or fish or pigs…)

by // December 4, 2018

In Douglas Adams’ sci-fi classic, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” diners are invited to meet the meat. The main course introduces itself before the meal: “I am the main Dish of the Day. May I interest you in the parts of my body? Something off the shoulder perhaps? Braised in a white wine sauce...” read more »

Where to innovate

by Christie Moorman, & Emily Sobol // December 3, 2018

Your competition just released a new product. It was starting to get buzz on social media and then a celebrity plugged it unprompted on Instagram and the mentions lit up. Is this the Next Big Thing, or is it the next Not a Thing Anymore? Will this have sustained scale? To put it another way, will this product “tip” from niche to mainstream and should you be developing an equivalent? read more »

Can humans survive without genome technology?

by // December 3, 2018

As populations expand and the effects of climate change grow in severity, nothing short of our ability to feed the world’s people is at stake. Ronald’s book, “Tomorrow’s Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food,” co-authored with Raoul W. Adamchak, her husband and an organic farmer, seeks to bridge a divide between her community of scientists and his of organic farmers. Each group must work together to create a more sustainable landscape for farming. When Ronald thinks What the Future, she’s wondering if people realize what’s at stake and understand the benefitss of genome-editing technologies such as CRISPR. read more »

Is there a future for the family dinner?

by // December 3, 2018

Multiple James Beard Award-winning chef Rick Bayless will feed you in his Chicago restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Topolobampo. He’ll teach you how to cook with help from his cookbooks and TV shows, such as “Mexico–One Plate at a Time.” He’ll help you out in the kitchen with his line of craft Mexican foods produced by ConAgra. But wherever and however you eat, he doesn’t want you to eat alone. When he thinks What the Future, chef Bayless is concerned about the future of the family dinner. But he’s excited by what he sees in our survey results. read more »

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