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Top 5 luxury cars in America, according to rich people

by // September 22, 2017

Americans love our cars and the wealthiest amongst us apparently love Lexus more than anything else. Surprised? That’s one of the key findings behind Ipsos’ latest Affluent Survey. What’s interesting about Lexus is that, of all four car-buying generations, the Millennials, Gen Xers, Boomers and Seniors agree that Lexus is the most top of mind… continue »

What is the Canadian dream?

by // August 18, 2017

When Jake Tyler was trying to decide where to start his financial technology business, the world was open to him. He’d lived in Australia, worked in London and studied in Spain. In the end, it was Vancouver that lured him. Tyler, working with startup accelerator Highline, was able to enter a visa program that fast-tracks… continue »

How choice impacts taste: An interview with Tom Vanderbilt

by // April 20, 2017

It’s often easier to choose between 3 things than 30 and yet product aisles, entertainment services and sites like AirBnB provide near limitless options for people to pick from. How do they do it?  GenPop’s Matt Carmichael and Claire Hanlon, EVP for Ipsos Connect, chatted with Tom Vanderbilt,the best-selling author of “Traffic,” about his latest book,… continue »

5 ways to understand and improve well-being at work

by // April 20, 2017

Are your people happy? As it turns out, most are. Seven out of 10 employees around the world are satisfied with their well-being at work overall, the 2016 Edenred-Ipsos Barometer concluded. That’s good because in business, happiness matters. Contented workers are more innovative, motivated and efficient. In fact, a positive workplace environment “will lead to… continue »