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Equality at work doesn’t exist say most Canadian women

by // June 20, 2018

As American women grapple with gender equality, so do their Canadian sisters. Seventy-six percent of Canadian women believe there is no equality in the workplace, according to new consumer research called The Truth About Canadian Women. McCann Worldgroup Canada is performing a five-part study throughout 2018 on the changing roles of women in Canadian society,… continue »

Beauty consumers are shopping differently. Should beauty retailers rethink?

by // June 8, 2018

The competition for beauty shoppers is getting ugly. Department stores where high-end cosmetics counters have been for decades are closing. Shoppers increasingly are buying online. Skin care is growing faster than makeup and getting more natural, technical and medicine-based. Now, prestige beauty giants that dominate the industry are rethinking their businesses. That means selling more… continue »

What Super Mario teaches about behavioral science 

by // April 19, 2018

For anyone who wants to learn more about customer experience and behavioral science, video game legend Super Mario is a great metaphor.  In the mobile game “Super Mario Run” players can immediately see that this game caters more toward what behavioral scientists call System 1 processing. It speaks to people’s impatient mind that seeks immediate… continue »

The Top 10 Video Games Your Kids Like To Play (And Why)

by // November 22, 2017

It’s no surprise that, of kids who play video games, more would rather play inside with their console than play outside as the seasons change. That’s one of many insights gathered by the Ipsos Longitudinal Media Experience study, also known as LMX, which collects the data behind the behaviors of kids, teens and their parents.  And… continue »

“Buy This Please!” Why Yankee Candle fundraising works

by // November 13, 2017

School fundraising is a $40 million a year business for Yankee Candle, and they have a tried and true formula for why it works out so well. Hint: It ultimately has to do with packaging, brand recognition and customer service. “Service, pricing and product is incredibly important,” says John O’Neil, director of Yankee Candle Fundraising,… continue »

Hot List: 5 Things To Know About Fantasy Football

by // October 19, 2017

NFL season is in full swing and millions are watching the games while pondering the future of their favorite quarterback. For Fantasy Football players, this is more than sport as the touches, carries and interceptions affect overall FF scores and ultimately impact that winning cash pot. As the season enters the midway point, here are… continue »

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