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It’s not just what you say, it’s how fast you say it

by // April 20, 2017

Back in the days before behavioral science and behavioral economics a survey would ask you questions and you would answer. Your answers were all the survey-takers had to go on. If they asked you how you perceive Apple, or which kind of beer you prefer, you would give them an explicit response and they would record your answer. Often, that’s still the case and that’s a perfectly valid way for marketers and pollsters to understand how consumers think. read more »

This is not the tech you’re looking For

by // April 20, 2017

When a major manufacturer wanted to debut a new “Internet of Things” garage door opener, it included many time-saving and high-tech features. The idea was to make the it simple, automatic and multi-function. It’s Wi-Fi enabled. Who wouldn’t want those features in every aspect of their automated home, let alone in one of the most-worried… continue »