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How iGen youth navigate the Selfie Era

by // August 16, 2018

IGen youth are heading back to school and that means school photos. For some, it’s a fun day and for others it’s stressful, given the awkwardness of puberty and lack of control of the lens. Today’s tweens to young adults are the most photographed generation in history, thanks to the Selfie Era. They have tricks… continue »

Cracking the Genetic Code: The GenPop Q&A with CeCe Moore

by // August 14, 2018

Last month, GenPop spoke with genetic genealogist CeCe Moore about people’s concerns about their privacy with consumer DNA testing. The interview was part of our What the Future healthcare edition, based on an Ipsos Omnibus Survey. Moore is best known as the consultant for the PBS television series, “Finding Your Roots,” and for her work… continue »

Adulting is hard but brands have come to the rescue

by // June 5, 2018

When a New York court upheld the eviction of a family’s 30-year-old son, it represented a drama playing out across American homes: getting lingering adult children to move out. It’s no wonder it seems that “adulting” – slang for doing grown-up tasks – is harder than ever. The prospects for Americans having a better life… continue »

Millennials are changing how Americans travel

by // June 1, 2018

It’s that time when people’s Instagram feeds start looking like a “what-I-did-for-summer” slide show. Holiday travel season is here and more Americans are planning trips this year, according to new, global research from Ipsos. Nearly 70% of Americans say they plan to travel this summer, up slightly from 2017. The average travel budgets, however, dip… continue »

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