Marvel vs. DC: A superhero debate with human roots

by in AUDIENCE, CONSUMER | September 20, 2017

Superman versus Spider-Man. Wonder Woman versus Storm. The Joker versus Loki. Comic book aficionados have long debated the qualities of the DC universe versus the Marvel universe. Superman, Wonder Woman and The Joker are all DC characters as distinctly American as apple pie. But Spider-Man, Storm and Loki are Marvel characters similarly as well known. ... continue »

Nine Millennial myths: True, or busted?

by in CONSUMER | June 26, 2017

Every day 12,000 Millennials turn 30. They’re an enormous generation with tremendous market potential. And their needs are changing. They’ve been studied and have been the subjects of trendy thought pieces at a rate of about one per Millennial. But have those articles all been correct, or have we rushed to judgment? To find out, GenPop talked ... continue »

Amazon adding Whole Foods for fresh foods

by in CONSUMER | June 22, 2017

Amazon is apparently planning for total consumer domination. Last week the company announced plans to acquire Whole Foods. Even more recently came news of Prime Wardrobe, which is the mega-retailer’s take on at-home clothing try-ons and returns. These developments certainly make a big brand impression on the average shopper. And though the company has yet to publicly detail ... continue »

Competing or completing?

by in CONSUMER | June 16, 2017

Holly and Justin Rutt and their Ann Arbor-based soap-making business sit at the crossroads of two critical shopping trends. On one hand, consumers want locally-made products  with a healthier, artisanal vibe. On the other hand, consumers want the convenience of shopping online and having products delivered. Amazon’s proposed acquisition of Whole Foods just put this convergence front ... continue »

If Americans are losing faith in their government, who’s left to trust?

by in CONSUMER, CUSTOMER | May 24, 2017

Who do you trust? That’s not an easy question to answer. Globally, and locally, trust in institutions is eroding. But there’s always a “but.” And right now, for Americans, one of the sparkling highlights of the trust question is the humble grocery store. How so? A recent Ipsos Global Trends Report shows that the percentage ... continue »