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Is it really the ‘End of White Christian America’?

by // April 20, 2017

America is undergoing dramatic demographic and cultural shifts. Understanding today’s America requires a look at both the present and the past. GenPop’s Matt Carmichael and Julia Clark, SVP in Ipsos’ Public Affairs practice, chatted by phone with Robert P. Jones, the author of “The End of White Christian America” and founding CEO of the Public… continue »

Know your markets: Entrepreneurs

by Lauren Erdelyi, & David Ko // April 20, 2017

From Walt Disney to Steve Jobs, entrepreneurs have proven to be a major driving force behind social and economic progress. In addition to creating and shaping markets, entrepreneurs are a market unto themselves – just not a previously well-studied one. Let’s start with some numbers. An Ipsos study conducted for Entrepreneur magazine asked Americans if… continue »

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