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Road rules or road rage?

by // April 21, 2017

The rules of the road used to feel sacrosanct. They were taught as best-practice to the first drivers of our Interstate highway system. A driver’s education film produced in the 1960s by General Motors used a traffic helicopter to show the impacts of bad driving behavior in that relatively new context. One section focuses on… continue »

The surprising source of the growth of feminism

by // April 20, 2017

On January 21, an estimated 3 million people around the world marched in solidarity for women’s rights. The New York Times breathlessly reported on those left behind in towns like Montclair, N.J. – husbands and fathers who had to fend for themselves and in some drastic cases take care of their children sans mom.  Thankfully,… continue »

NASA and the next generation

by // April 20, 2017

NASA recently announced that it is exploring two new spaces. No, not some far-away planet. Virtual spaces: Pinterest and Giphy. Clearly this is a further push to market to young demographics like Millennials who are the largest users of these social media platforms. Why? A 2014 study by the General Social Survey (GSS) found that… continue »

Is it really the ‘End of White Christian America’?

by // April 20, 2017

America is undergoing dramatic demographic and cultural shifts. Understanding today’s America requires a look at both the present and the past. GenPop’s Matt Carmichael and Julia Clark, SVP in Ipsos’ Public Affairs practice, chatted by phone with Robert P. Jones, the author of “The End of White Christian America” and founding CEO of the Public… continue »

Know your markets: Entrepreneurs

by // April 20, 2017

From Walt Disney to Steve Jobs, entrepreneurs have proven to be a major driving force behind social and economic progress. In addition to creating and shaping markets, entrepreneurs are a market unto themselves – just not a previously well-studied one. Let’s start with some numbers. An Ipsos study conducted for Entrepreneur magazine asked Americans if… continue »