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Question: If someone moves into my city and moves up the socio-economic ladder, does local government play a role in that success?

by // November 5, 2017

“Cities aren’t full of poor people because cities make people poor, but because cities attract poor people with the prospect of improving their lot in life.” Edward Glaeser, “Triumph of the City.” Paul Soglin, mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, referenced this quote in conversation with GenPop — he even cited the page number in the Harvard economist’s seminal… continue »

Amy Webb’s GenPopQ: Are Americans futurists?

by // October 7, 2017

As part of a GenPop Q&A we ask the subject to give us a question to field on the Ipsos Omnibus. Futurist Amy Webb wanted to know how people think about the future. It’s a mirror of a survey she was conducting among journalists and news organizations. See the full interview about how businesses can… continue »