Myth Busters: America isn’t as terrible as most people think

by in CITIZEN | December 14, 2017

Things are getting better, but we think they’re getting worse. Our pessimistic nation is not alone in that disconnect, according to the latest Ipsos “Perils of Perception” survey that details the truth behind the world’s most common misperceptions. We think things are worse than they are across a broad range of issues such as murder ... continue »

How far into the future should you be planning? A Q&A with futurist Amy Webb

by in CITIZEN | October 7, 2017

Philosophically, we know that we should be thinking about the future: Of our industries, of our particular businesses, of the world around us and ourselves. But how do you actually do that in a meaningful way so that it leads to helpful action and not worry or judgement-clouding stress? Is the market research industry thinking ... continue »