Want a more perfect union? 51 tribal cues that unite and divide us

by in CITIZEN | May 11, 2018

How you react to the above images says much about your politics. The groups pictured are two of the most politically divided organizations in today’s American society. They exemplify how certain concepts have become tribal cues that are triggers for some people and landmines for others. Institutions including Black Lives Matter, The Tea Party, the ... continue »

Fed up: Why teacher strikes and #RedforEd are taking hold now

by in CITIZEN | May 4, 2018

Teachers across the nation have been striking amid wage and budget cuts despite opposition attacks and even threats of jail time. Yet, Americans overwhelmingly support teachers’ right to strike, according to recent survey by NPR and Ipsos. America’s teachers have reached a boiling point and the public has, too. The question is why now? “Through ... continue »

Myth Busters: America isn’t as terrible as most people think

by in CITIZEN | December 14, 2017

Things are getting better, but we think they’re getting worse. Our pessimistic nation is not alone in that disconnect, according to the latest Ipsos “Perils of Perception” survey that details the truth behind the world’s most common misperceptions. We think things are worse than they are across a broad range of issues such as murder ... continue »