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Marvel vs. DC: A superhero debate with human roots

by // September 20, 2017

Superman versus Spider-Man. Wonder Woman versus Storm. The Joker versus Loki. Comic book aficionados have long debated the qualities of the DC universe versus the Marvel universe. Superman, Wonder Woman and The Joker are all DC characters as distinctly American as apple pie. But Spider-Man, Storm and Loki are Marvel characters similarly as well known.… continue »

Who should win the Game of Thrones?

by // July 12, 2017

When it comes to guiding a nation to greatness, it is difficult to find a ruler with the perfect mix of ability, experience and popularity. The nation of Westeros, where Game of Thrones takes place, is in particular need of decisive leadership as climate change descends upon the lands, taxes rise to exorbitant proportions and… continue »

Your page won’t load: The rise of ad blockers

by // June 26, 2017

People like to browse online but abhor online ads – especially the ones that slow their wireless networks and clog their cell phones with malware. The situation has gotten so dire that more and more people are downloading ad blockers. And that’s a problem for online publishers and advertisers who rely on consumer eyeballs to… continue »

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