Who should win the Game of Thrones?

by in AUDIENCE | July 12, 2017

When it comes to guiding a nation to greatness, it is difficult to find a ruler with the perfect mix of ability, experience and popularity. The nation of Westeros, where Game of Thrones takes place, is in particular need of decisive leadership as climate change descends upon the lands, taxes rise to exorbitant proportions and ... continue »

Who are your gods? Starz new show ‘American Gods’ pushes an existential question

by in AUDIENCE | June 15, 2017

Americans have always had a push-pull relationship with discovery and tradition. We love electricity but dream of unplugging. People talk big about work-life balance, but workers feel guilty about taking sick days. Most of us believe in a higher power but have no problem overlooking microaggressions on the street. It is within this rubric that ... continue »

Tom Vanderbilt’s #AskYouAnything: How do Americans read books?

by in AUDIENCE | April 20, 2017

As part of the GenPop Q&A with Tom Vanderbilt, GenPop gives the subject the chance to #AskYouAnything, which we field on the Ipsos Omnibus. Vanderbilt wanted to know about Americans’ book-reading habits. GenPop: Women and Millennials were slightly more likely to say they love books. But mostly there was a high level of book-reading across ... continue »