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Articles by Tim Chow

What is the future of walkability in an autonomous world

by // March 28, 2018

Autonomous vehicles should make life safer for pedestrians, but will they hurt demand for walkability? Recently, there’s been an increased push to make our downtowns and suburbs more walkable. Urban planners and citizens alike have tried to undo some of the car-centric nature of our urban environment. Jeff Speck, who literally wrote the book on… continue »

On the Fringe with Amy Webb

by // March 28, 2018

The future of mobility isn’t just autonomous vehicles and won’t only impact the automotive industry. To think more broadly about the changes coming, it’s helpful to step back and look at what’s happening on the edges. Those are the areas not necessarily directly related but which will still influence transportation trends. GenPop asked best-selling futurist… continue »