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Articles by Matt Carmichael

What is the Canadian dream?

by in CUSTOMER | August 18, 2017

When Jake Tyler was trying to decide where to start his financial technology business, the world was open to him. He’d lived in Australia, worked in London and studied in Spain. In the end, it was Vancouver that lured him. Tyler, working with startup accelerator Highline, was able to enter a visa program that fast-tracks ... continue »

Nine Millennial myths: True, or busted?

by in CONSUMER | June 26, 2017

Every day 12,000 Millennials turn 30. They’re an enormous generation with tremendous market potential. And their needs are changing. They’ve been studied and have been the subjects of trendy thought pieces at a rate of about one per Millennial. But have those articles all been correct, or have we rushed to judgment? To find out, GenPop talked ... continue »

But what if we’re wrong? The GenPop Q&A with Chuck Klosterman

by in AUDIENCE | April 20, 2017

In his latest work, best-selling author, journalist, and all-around interesting guy Chuck Klosterman asks a compelling question: “But What if We’re Wrong.” If we fast-forward 100 years or 500 years and look back at our present from the perspective of the future—what will still be important? What cultural figures will have stood the test of ... continue »