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How the auto industry bridges the self-driving future with the SUV-buying present

by in CONSUMER | April 13, 2018

You get a call one night that your wife fell asleep at the wheel. It’s a nightmare scenario but thankfully, she’s fine. As her Volvo veered off the road, its autonomous safety features applied the brakes, tightened her seatbelts, deployed the air bags and called for help. This isn’t the future. This is today. Serial ... continue »

Editor’s Note

by in Spring 2018 | March 28, 2018

It’s impossible to keep up with the news surrounding autonomous vehicles. Every day a new trial launches from a traditional auto manufacturer or a tech company like Uber or Waymo. The corporate and technological momentum contributes to an air of inevitability. It seems that it’s not a matter of if we’ll have fully autonomous shared ... continue »

Automated vehicle time usage

by in Spring 2018 | March 28, 2018

The average American spends 52 minutes a day commuting, mostly by driving a car by themselves. Tack on errands, school drop-offs, and all the other driving we do and it adds up to a significant part of our waking day in transit. Imagine, then, having a car that drives itself. Those who commute by public ... continue »

Question: If someone moves into my city and moves up the socio-economic ladder, does local government play a role in that success?

by in CITIZEN, WHAT THE FUTURE, Winter 2017 | November 5, 2017

“Cities aren’t full of poor people because cities make people poor, but because cities attract poor people with the prospect of improving their lot in life.” Edward Glaeser, “Triumph of the City.” Paul Soglin, mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, referenced this quote in conversation with GenPop — he even cited the page number in the Harvard economist’s seminal ... continue »