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Survey shows the surprisingly complicated politics of “Roseanne” fans

by // May 15, 2018

Watchers of the “Roseanne” television revival are surprisingly bipartisan and not as “pro Trump” as they’ve been typecast. Observers widely expected the network’s revival of the 1980’s sitcom starring Roseanne Barr to attract President Trump’s supporters. Even Fox News pegged it as “ABC’s pro-Trump ‘Roseanne,'” and the show’s namesake star is a vocal Trump supporter. But… continue »

Marketing Acceptance

by // April 26, 2018

As global LGBTQ acceptance grows, more mass-market brands are speaking to potential customers with gender-diverse marketing. But adoption is slow in the U.S. as Americans grapple with accepting social change. Although more Americans than the global average (59%) say the nation is becoming more tolerant, they’re are also the most likely to say that society… continue »

How bicultural Latinos are shaping the multicultural mass

by // April 11, 2018

Itati Vasquez Chavez SantaMaria loves her Spanish-language soap operas. “I watch telenovelas all the time,” says the 23-year-old from Tucson Arizona, “I have no shame.” She goes by “Toby” to make it easier for English-speakers. As a third-generation Mexican person from the Southwest, SantaMaria identifies herself as a Chicana rather than a Mexican, “the way most… continue »

Smartphone status: It’s complicated

by // March 21, 2018

When the alarm clock goes off, you reach for your phone to turn it off. You’re excited about your upcoming family cruise, but your kids are panicked because there will be no Wi-Fi. If you’re being honest, so are you. During your grandfather’s funeral, your favorite aunt glares at you as your eyes meet when… continue »

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