Kate MacArthur
Kate MacArthur
Sr. Writer, GenPop

Kate MacArthur is a senior writer for GenPop, based in Chicago.

Articles by Kate MacArthur

Maturity or misogyny? Men think women have way more sex than they do

by in CITIZEN | September 13, 2018

What’s your number? Usually, it’s a question about your phone contact. But sometimes people ask about the other number; the one about sex partners and activity. It’s a delicate topic that the lead characters in the 1994 film, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” famously explored: “Less than Madonna; more than Princess Di, I hope.” But ... continue »

How meta: Americans wrongly think fake news is other people’s problem

by in CITIZEN | September 11, 2018

Every day, millions of Americans argue over their version of facts and fake news. One person’s social media post on undocumented aliens committing crimes sparks a salvo of competing facts sprinkled with insults about the other’s knowledge of the situation. I’ll see your misinformation and raise you my alternative facts. It shows the challenge of ... continue »

Six key types of affluent traveler – and how to get them to your destination

by in CUSTOMER | August 30, 2018

A few decades ago, tourism was about tours and sightseeing. For Affluent Americans today, these wealthy travelers increasingly demand more authentic, unique, immersive and experiential trips. But they don’t fit into a single mold. For destination marketers, that means understanding and catering to their differences and designing itineraries and marketing that speak to them. There ... continue »

Back-to-school shopping lists aren’t so bad, say most parents

by in CONSUMER | August 28, 2018

Are your back-to-school shopping lists feeling a little “extra?” For some parents, the answer is “yes.” “Back-to-school lists are getting out of hand,” says Twitter user Ashley Mosley Dickens in an August 13 post. “Excited to sell my kidneys and one lung to afford everything on the back to school lists,” jokes Twitter user Elizabeth. ... continue »

Monitor your kid’s online life? The surprising weak spot in tracking tweens

by in CONSUMER | August 23, 2018

Lisa Sanders used to monitor her twin boys’ computer and video game screen time by physically watching them. That all changed in July when she bought iPhones for the twins’ 12th birthday. That’s when her tracking “went into high gear,” says the resident of Silver Spring, Maryland. Sanders bought the smartphones in part for their ... continue »

How iGen youth navigate the Selfie Era

by in CONSUMER | August 16, 2018

IGen youth are heading back to school and that means school photos. For some, it’s a fun day and for others it’s stressful, given the awkwardness of puberty and lack of control of the lens. Today’s tweens to young adults are the most photographed generation in history, thanks to the Selfie Era. They have tricks ... continue »