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Telling the truth: The disconnect between mental health and rising mental illness

by in CITIZEN | July 19, 2017

Many Americans are struggling emotionally, depressed or even considering suicide, according to a recent Ipsos poll. But shockingly, those same Americans feel as though their mental health is in a good place. Why the disconnect? Mental illness has historically been stigmatized and people may not want to admit when they have a problem. Additionally, people ... continue »

Is resistance truly futile?

by in CITIZEN | June 26, 2017

When Donald Trump took office this year, he had the lowest approval rating of any modern, first-term president. People protested. Democrats spoke loudly of his faults. Pundits dissected his language use and lack of decorum. And yet all that talk has not swayed more people to join the left. In fact, criticisms of Trump and ... continue »