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Why political views are an essential marketing demographic

by // March 13, 2019

American society is undergoing a profound change as all aspects of life increasingly converge with political views into a single set of overlapping motivations. No longer are people’s political lives separate from their personal or commercial actions, if they ever were. Now political views are shaping how people live, shop and do business. It shows… continue »

It’s not all fun and games at the 2018 Winter Olympics

by // February 20, 2018

While the Olympics are often a welcome worldwide distraction from the events of the day, concerns about geopolitical affairs are impacting how we view the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Many view the games as too nationalist and too corporate and are concerned about safety at the games, according to a new Ipsos Global… continue »

Road rules or road rage?

by // April 21, 2017

The rules of the road used to feel sacrosanct. They were taught as best-practice to the first drivers of our Interstate highway system. A driver’s education film produced in the 1960s by General Motors used a traffic helicopter to show the impacts of bad driving behavior in that relatively new context. One section focuses on… continue »

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