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Who should win the Game of Thrones?

by in AUDIENCE | July 12, 2017

When it comes to guiding a nation to greatness, it is difficult to find a ruler with the perfect mix of ability, experience and popularity. The nation of Westeros, where Game of Thrones takes place, is in particular need of decisive leadership as climate change descends upon the lands, taxes rise to exorbitant proportions and ... continue »

Amazon adding Whole Foods for fresh foods

by in CONSUMER | June 22, 2017

Amazon is apparently planning for total consumer domination. Last week the company announced plans to acquire Whole Foods. Even more recently came news of Prime Wardrobe, which is the mega-retailer’s take on at-home clothing try-ons and returns. These developments certainly make a big brand impression on the average shopper. And though the company has yet to publicly detail ... continue »

Who are your gods? Starz new show ‘American Gods’ pushes an existential question

by in AUDIENCE | June 15, 2017

Americans have always had a push-pull relationship with discovery and tradition. We love electricity but dream of unplugging. People talk big about work-life balance, but workers feel guilty about taking sick days. Most of us believe in a higher power but have no problem overlooking microaggressions on the street. It is within this rubric that ... continue »

Americans question the value of higher education

by in CITIZEN | May 25, 2017

Move over Harvard and State U, the local community college is getting a long, second look from consumers. And they like what they see. An overwhelming majority of people find two-year community colleges adequately prepare students for success (80%) and are worth the cost (82%). By contrast, only 62% think that public four-year universities are ... continue »

If Americans are losing faith in their government, who’s left to trust?

by in CONSUMER, CUSTOMER | May 24, 2017

Who do you trust? That’s not an easy question to answer. Globally, and locally, trust in institutions is eroding. But there’s always a “but.” And right now, for Americans, one of the sparkling highlights of the trust question is the humble grocery store. How so? A recent Ipsos Global Trends Report shows that the percentage ... continue »