How to get a customer’s attention: A Q&A with Farmers Insurance’s Mike Linton

by in CUSTOMER | October 10, 2018

As Enterprise Chief Marketing Officer for Farmers Insurance, Mike Linton has brought a digital focus to the brand best known for its quirky TV commercials. We asked him for his burning consumer insight question and he focused on the ever-shrinking time and attention that consumers are willing to give brands in the digital age. GenPop: ... continue »

Are smart speakers helping Americans warm to automation?

by in CONSUMER | September 25, 2018

How can you build a market for a cutting-edge product in an emerging field when people widely distrust it? That’s a catch-22 for the innovative businesses tackling automation in its many forms. On one hand, artificial intelligence can help people to be more productive at work while leading more convenient, cost-effective lives. On the other, ... continue »

The New Delivery Economy is here to stay. Is your business ready?

by in CONSUMER | September 20, 2018

It used to be that besides the mail carrier, garbage collector and occasional pizza delivery boy, most traffic came from the neighbors. Streets in bedroom communities that were once quiet now hum with the constant rolling of delivery trucks of all types. These vehicles drop orders from Amazon and bring subscription boxes from Birchbox. Dinner ... continue »

Maturity or misogyny? Men think women have way more sex than they do

by in CITIZEN | September 13, 2018

What’s your number? Usually, it’s a question about your phone contact. But sometimes people ask about the other number; the one about sex partners and activity. It’s a delicate topic that the lead characters in the 1994 film, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” famously explored: “Less than Madonna; more than Princess Di, I hope.” But ... continue »

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