Illustration: David Ko/Stephen Geary
Illustration: David Ko/Stephen Geary

If Americans are losing faith in their government, who’s left to trust?

by Adrienne Gibbs in CONSUMER | May 24, 2017

Who do you trust? That’s not an easy question to answer. Globally, and locally, trust in institutions is eroding. But there’s always a “but.” And right now, for Americans, one of the sparkling highlights of the trust question is the humble grocery store. How so? A recent Ipsos Global Trends Report shows that the percentage ... continue »

Americans question the value of higher education

by Adrienne Gibbs in CITIZEN | May 25, 2017

Move over Harvard and State U, the local community college is getting a long, second look from consumers. And they like what they see. An overwhelming majority of people find two-year community colleges adequately prepare students for success (80%) and are worth the cost (82%). By contrast, only 62% think that public four-year universities are ... continue »

100 days in, Trump’s approval slips with many but holds with Republicans

by Adrienne Gibbs in CITIZEN | April 28, 2017

As we approach the 100-day mark of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, surveys are showing his approval ratings are not rising overall and might be slightly eroding even among his staunchest block of supporters: white people. Overall, just 42% of respondents approve of Trump’s handling of his new job while a majority (53%) disapprove. That represents ... continue »

Adulting milestones

Cause and effect?

Most in U.S. feel that their parents had an easier time affording a family, amid record low birth rates.

May 15, 2017

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